Get beautiful and healthy feet again without fungi!

A common problem that many people are facing is the fungal infection on the feet and hands. This problem affects both your health and your appearance. FUNGAFIX is a product specifically designed to help you deal with annoying fungi.

Get rid of fungi!

FUNGAFIX is a unique antifungal cream that will help you deal with the fungi and the symptoms that are caused by them.

Neutralization of fungi

Tackling unpleasant symptoms

100% natural ingredients

How it will help you?

Many people have problems with fungi on their feet and hands. Most of them who suffer from the symptoms that are caused by the fungi are ashamed of the appearance of their legs and hands and often try to hide their problem. However, this makes their everyday life more difficult and it is not a proper way to deal with the fungus problem.

FUNGAFIX cream will help you get rid of the fungi and the symptoms that they cause. Its unique composition of natural ingredients is what makes it so effective.

  • Helps to fight infections and fungi.
  • Strengthens the skin and relieves you from the unbearable itching.
  • Reduces the redness of the skin and helps restore its normal color.
  • Nourishes the skin and makes it smoother while at the same time removes the unpleasant smells.
  • Helps to treat the yellow color in the nails and to reduce their breaking.
  • Prevents the reappearance of the fungi and the symptoms they cause.

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Customer reviews

What is the opinion of the people who tried the FUNGAFIX?

"I was embarrassed because of my yellow toenails and the unpleasant smell that my feet had all the time. Fortunately, thanks to this product I managed to deal with the fungi that caused those problems and to get rid of the yellowness." - James, United States

"After about a week of use I saw a big difference in my legs. The unpleasant odor coming from my feet had almost disappeared completely while the skin on them had stopped peeling off and had become smoother." - Emma, United Kingdom

"My feet had a reddish color and all the time I had an annoying itch that did not stop. From the first day of use of FUNGAFIX the itching reduced significantly and after a few more days my feet regained their normal color."
- Robert, Austria

"I was trying all the time to hide my feet and paint my toenails in order to hide the yellowness. I had a big problem in my everyday life because I always had to watch out for my feet. Fortunately, this cream helped me get rid of my problem and now I do not need to worry." - Olivia, France

How does FUNGAFIX cream work?

FUNGAFIX cream is so effective thanks to its natural ingredients. Each one of them contributes to the fight against infections and fungi as well as against the symptoms that they cause. The action of the cream is divided into three steps.

  • Step 1 – penetrates under the skin into the lower layers of the epidermis where there are bacteria that cause the appearance of fungi. There, thanks to the salicylic and deacylenic acid contained in the cream, it destroys the bacteria while at the same time it disinfects the surface of the skin.
  • Step 2 – fights skin redness and the annoying itching. The ingredients that help for this are propolis, lanolin, beeswax and St. John's wort, which additionally offer a sense of coolness and remove the bad smell.
  • Step 3 – nourishes and renews the skin thanks to the rosemary, thyme, almond and tea oils contained in the cream. These active ingredients provide cellular regeneration, have a therapeutic effect and prevent fungal reappearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions from customers

  • The results are visible from the first days of use of the product. You can use it until you have reached the desired results and you can continue using it to avoid the reappearance of fungi.

  • It is absolutely safe for any type of skin even for the very sensitive ones. Thanks to its natural ingredients it protects and nourishes the skin on your feet and hands.

  • All you need to do is to fill in your name and phone correctly.


Get yourself beautiful and healthy feet and get rid of the fungi and the unpleasant symptoms that they cause.

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